About Us

Masonik, an Australian multidisciplinary arts collective, who have produced works nationally and globally since its establishment in 2006.

Immersive in nature, Masonik's artistic endeavors seamlessly blend sound and visual elements. Their creative palette encompasses electronica, dub, jazz, neo-classical, and soundscapes, woven together with sculpture, photography, graphic design, theatre, and intricate video projections. With over 13 studio recordings released on vinyl, DVD, and CD; Masonik has established a rich and diverse artistic presence.

The collective's performance history is characterised by a wide range of mediums, including live radio, exhibitions, multimedia theatrical productions, and live film scores, both at home and abroad. Notable venues and events in their portfolio include ABC Radio National, Greek-Australian Cultural League, Merenda Contemporary, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, PICA, Festival of Perth, Fringe World, NoizeMaschin!!, Pakenham Street Art Space (PSAS), and video projections at Federation Square in Melbourne and the Revelation Film Festival's RevStream. 

Masonik :
Basil Psanoudakis 
Wheldon Thornley 

Alia Bath