Saturday 30 June 2012

Amazing remix of Masonik's Yomnich by AgedMusic 
It is very encouraging to see the vast array of historical film that ABC Archives has uploaded to the POOL for the My Tribe Subcultures project.
Credit and thanks goes to all those who worked behind the scenes to make this material available to the POOL for manipulation by the likes of myself and other POOLIES. When I first saw the STOMP video it was hard to choose initially which images to focus on. The Groovers at the start... the platinum blonde...the older guy dancing clumsily...but my attention rested upon the sequence that I chose here to loop and focus on. A very brief progression of images, when disected, for me, revealed a brief intensity. I followed the arc of the movement, the moments of image clarity, bookends to the blur of change between.... and decided to concentrate on them.
For me the choice of audio to accompany this seemed obvious at the time. Regegade Penguins fresh remix of Yomnich by Masonik pointed me in the direction of the original and it was from there I sourced the bulk of the soundtrack, enhanced by the remixed version. I manipulated them in pitch, speed and timing, mostly, to give the end result, my first remix for 2011.