Thursday 20 September 2012

Noizemaschin!! #14 was a special Thursday night edition of creative noise music for young and old in the comforting surrounds of The Artifactory!

LINE UP: Masonik – Improvised soundscapes using jazz, dub and world sounds |The Intensoband – Deconstructed rock band goodness | NOISTRUCT (Boris Otterdam) – Extreme experimental music for your listening pleasure! |Sonic Smut – Party like its the 90s and Severed Heads never stopped doing their thing! | K Wilson – Guitar and field recordings, and possibly tape machines from the delicate ambient touches of K Wilson | Jack Moriarty – Jack steps up to the plate for his second performance as the Noizemaschin!! resident, its a hit and its going… going… gone! Home run! | Dr Vellocet – Hopefully dephasor will make a sly appearance… | Sam Gillies – Bunch of new patches to show off in front of the early birds.