Friday 21 September 2012

Tune into ABC Radio National's Sound Quality, hosted by Tim Richie.... featuring Masonik's live:
Track Title: Houri Dub
Artist : Masonik
Sourced from POOL
Composer: Masonik
Duration: 7.30
unreleased, available to either stream or download from POOL
Masonik live performance in Fremantle - Western Australia. This gig was called Cloven Dub. Footage from the 2nd set.
The Sufi tradition has it's very own poetics, rituals and super stars. Masonik has always been drawn to the whirling dervish, if only for the cyclic visual metaphor of the record turning round & round while the MAGIC of sound is re-produced.
Houri Dub
Basil Psanoudakis - Turntables
Paul Pax Andrews - Saxophone
Tony Monaco - Vj
Bass - Bruno Michel