Tuesday 30 October 2012

A collaborative video 'StreetART Ambient' by Jutta Pryor
with 'Inverted Chamber (Submerge Jazz)' by MASONIK.
An Ambient exploration of a submerged chamber. This is a live take with no over-dubbs or post editing'. Masonik.

As a collaborative attempt for the Hybrid project, I wanted to create an image stream in keeping with the spirit of 'ambient exploration' by Masonik, with minimal or no post editing.

Apart from a colour effect, the images are an ambient exploration of Hosier Lane in Melbourne on the 27/9 /2012, without further editing.

The video sequence is spontaneous, the images attract attention and are featured as I make my way along the maze of vibrant forms of graffiti art. There is image movement/vibration as I walk along. No zoom was used and all video/angles/close-ups were created in one continuous session on my iPhone.

Thanks to the known and unknown artists of Hosier Lane whose works appear in this video.