Monday 1 October 2012

The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio ShowRTRFM- 30 September 2012 – Episode 86 – Perth
Presented by Claude Mono
"Episode 86 of the Golden Apples of the Sun is a special edition in an the occasional series we call ‘With Love from…’ and today’s show is extra special as we will not wander too far away from the place that many of us call home – Perth, Western Australia. So sit back relax and get into your head enjoying two hours of the best from Dullsville.
This edition focuses on the electronic and heavier psych sounds – there is a whole lot more yet to be touched for a sequel (just see the apologies below the playlist) – and wait there is more …there is also a more folky lo-fi acoustic Perth episode under construction…watch this space
Massive thanks to all the artists who sent stuff in and I have been to see live – brilliant music in this city is just too easy"