Friday 7 December 2012

Stream ABC Radio National's Sound Quality, hosted by Tim Richie, to hear Masonik's Base Ascension.  This track comes from the limited edition Rising Lotus - the Soundtrack to the sculptural work by Swiss artists Maschi Fontana (Tom Muller & Jt Vannotti). This was performed at the Fremantle Arts Centre for the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) in 2011.

.... At the Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard a key element of the Rising Lotus project is a large-scale outdoor sculpture standing sentinel in the courtyard. Variously resembling a survey marker at the summit of a mountain, a satellite or perhaps a watchtower, this structure became a type of ‘temple-site’ for artistic revelry on the opening night of the exhibition. Animated by a spectacle of smoke and light effects and the pulsating soundscape of the ambient ensemble Masonik, the totemic form served as a conducting device for the energies of the collaborators and the artistic faithful..... essay extract by Melissa Keys