Thursday 18 April 2013

Tuesday 23rd - 7.30 start-
Noizemaschin #22 introduces a veritable circus of performances from artists fresh to the Noizemaschin!! fold:

$10 for non-members, Bar d'Factory serves drinks and earplugs. Doors open 19:30 

* Masonik  - Electronic folk for the masses

* Electronic Migration Panel - Ambient electronic noise at its best!

* Sonic Smut feat. Sam Gillies - Severed Heads live on in the form of Sonic Smut! Come see what the fuss is about! Featuring the vocal stylings of Sam Gillies yelling through waves of distortion!

* Blake Hate and the Tonecrushes - Spoken word artistry of Blake Hate upon a background of ethereal dark ambient tones generated by Tonecrush

* Sean Bernard - The best analogue synth wizardry this side of Nonlinear Circuits, Pateras or de Groot!

* D-JEONG - Industrial laptop meets heavy, dark beats

* Chris Arnold - Spoken word eclecticism

* Steve Paraskos - The original eccentric wizard is welcomed with open arms into the fold of The Artifactory as he beings the long journey of a three month residency

* Dr Vellocet presents his latest results from experiments with Granular Synthesis - "Playing Sound outside the Fourth Dimension!" ~ooo~OOO~ooo~ (spooky theramin noises!)