Wednesday 5 June 2013

Barry William Hale unveils a new body of work entitled CIRKOS, inspired by the Enochian script of John Dee. Created as part of the HYPERCUBE210 Series, the large format paintings blur the line between text and image.

Calligrams are the figurative expressions of the interweaving of letters and word. The figurative application of calligraphy in many ways reflects the idea that the letters are a reflection of the natural world. As God could not be represented figuratively, he could be represented through his letters. Through masterful manipulation of the calligraphic arts and the ultilization of a number of different calligraphic techniques anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms are created. These kinds of artistic expression were in the Islamic traditions usually to be only found in mystical circles.

Barry William Hale will be in attendance on opening night, and the performance collective, MASONIK will perform live.

Opening Event

FREE ENTRY     6.30pm Friday 14th June

222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle WA 6159. ph.08 9433 6369