Monday 13 January 2014

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation presents on Wednesday 15 January 2014, at 21:30, the interdisciplinary music and visual arts event “Altar’d Lament”, by the Australian ensemble “Masonik” in cooperation with the lyrical singer Georgina Balabini and the visual artist Mario Fournaris.

Altar’d Lament is a unique cross collaboration between Greek & Australian musicians & artists. It directly references the underworld music of Rebetika & Amane and draws a representational arc between a lost music and the potential of creativity through ritual. The critical historical inauguration for the project is the fires of Smyrna in 1922. Through these flames, terrible loss of life & human dislocation; out of the horror of destruction, there echoes reaching out, the desire to create. Altar’d Lament points to tradition & summons not only the musicians but the voices of those millions who suffered through the fires of dispossession; to form an imagined sacred space;

Basil Psanoudakis (Bass/Laptop)
Paul Pax Andrews (Saxophone)
Wheldon Thornley (Keyboards)
Tony Monaco (Montage)

Vocals: Georgina Balabini
Visual Arts Installation: Mario Fournaris