Wednesday 19 February 2014

A very special release from Perth based collective, MASONIK straddling the media of film, sound and sculpture. Inspired by resampling the wax cylinder recordings of Aleister Crowley created in the early 1900s, Masonik have created a work which echoes the regenerative and destructive sides of the magical artistic process.
Each work comprises a cut vinyl disc containing the 15min soundscape, a blue ray disc containing the 15min film component, the sculptural housing and limited edition publication.
Each vinyl is cut, not pressed, and each sculptural case is created entirely by hand, embossed, editioned and sigilised. This work is at the forefront of new media, cleverly crossing the boundaries of fine art, film, music and performance in a way rarely done.
Only 7 editions have been created for the international market.
AUD $777.00 per edition (only 3 currently remaining)
Contact the gallery for further information
ph. 08 9433 6369 or