Monday 10 November 2014

Kaspar Hauser Lied

Finalist THE ART VISUALS & POETRY SPECIAL AWARD" 2014, International Poetry Film, Vienna.

Word: Georg Trakl
Voice: Christian Reiner
Music: Masonik
Concept / images: Jutta Pryor

Kaspar Hauser Lied from pry on Vimeo.

Kaspar Hauser Song
(„Kaspar Hauser Lied“ )
By the Austrian poet Georg Trakl
Alexander Stillmark

He truly loved the sun which in crimson descended the hillside,
The paths of the forest, the black singing bird
And the joys of greenery.

Gravely he dwelt in the shade of the tree
And pure his countenance.
God spoke a gentle flame to his heart;
O Man!

Softly his tread found the city at eventide;
The dark lament of his mouth:
I want to be rider.

Yet he was stalked by bush and beast,
House and dusky garden of white people,
And his murderer sought him.

Spring and summer and lovely the autumn
Of the just man, his quiet tread
Past the dark chambers of those who dream.
At night he remained alone with his star:
Saw that snow fell into naked branches
And in the dusky hallway the shade of the murderer.
All silver, the head of the unborn sank low.

Licensed for the Austrian poetry film competition 2014. For
poetry films only. Please cite correctly in the end credits of
your films.